Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners



In january 2017, I gave a 4 days workshop called « Composition / Anti-composition, sound recording, experimental music and radical out of context listening » at the HEAR art school in Mulhouse, France, 

« Capturing the sound space, making the inaudible audible and composing with the everyday, here are the challenges of this workshop led by Francisco Meirino. A story, if not an atmosphere. Feedback, if not electromagnetic capture. Forgot the effects, the sound is raw and pulled out of its context to arrive at a collective composition of 20 minutes. The various captures between hard disks, tools, magnetic sounds and voices have made it possible to create a common assembly between structure, chaos and musicality. »

A collective piece done by the students, composed with the sounds of Elise Demange, Mireille Reiners, Silviane Den Goer of Herve, Raphaëlle Doineau, Medhi Hivert, Fanny Bresson, Louise Fauroux, Adrien Marie-Hardy, Ugo Sebastiao, Agathe Siffert, Elsa Broustet, Dharana Giannetti, Augustin Soulard, Victor Donati, Emma Kerssenbrock, Philippe Paulin and my own.