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NABLA with Ensemble Vortex

"Nabla" is a quintet for strings and bass clarinet composed by Francisco Meirino for the Quadrilatère project, performed by the Ensemble Vortex, Genève. Recorded live january 31 2018.

performers :

Violin : Patrick Schleuter

Violin : Rada Hadjikostova

Cello : Elsa Dorbath

Double Bass : Tomás Fernández

Bass Clarinet : Anne Gillot

"Nabla" is based on the APL, an information processing description language designed in the 1960s to conveniently describe global operations on mathematical and pre-computing arrays, the PLA grammar was similar to that of natural language but did not use words, but many signs, each corresponding to a specific concept. In this language, the sign Nabla (∇) means that one wishes to enter or leave the mode of definition of a function.

Score (pdf)

Instructions (pdf)