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4 panel digipak-matte finish, Ltd 200
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"Trop Tôt"

Edited, mixed and mastered at Shiver Mobile by Francisco Meirino.

Composed and performed by F.Meirino & L.Elggren, feat. L.Daengeli


1 Litte Idiot 20'37
Leif Elggren : voice, tin-can-crowns, razors, electronics, text.
Francisco Meirino : computer, electronics and field recordings.

2 Petit Idiot 3'32
Laura Daengeli : voice.
Francisco Meirino : electronics and field recordings.
Leif Elggren : text.

3 Trop Tôt / Too Early 29'52
Leif Elggren : voice, razors, tin-can-crowns, electronics, text.
Francisco Meirino : computer, electronics and field recordings.
Laura Daengeli: voice.

French texts translated by Rip on/off, taken from Leif Elggren's book "Un peu comm voir dans la nuit", Van Dieren Editeur.



On Vital Weekly

Upon glancing at the cover, I was seeing that Leif Elggren has 'text' in each of the three pieces, and that these texts are in French; then upon playing 'Little Idiot', the opening piece, we hear Elggren's voice and I though this was going to be one of those 'lots of spoken word, little music' releases, which is not something I necessarily like. But after a few minutes, something happens, and the tone of the piece changes and the text seems to be in a totally different place; mostly likely it seems to be gone. What happens then, not only in this piece, but also in the third and longest piece, 'Trop Tot/Too Early', is an excellent mix of field recordings, electronics, computer (courtesy of Meirino) and tin-can-crowns, razors, electronics (Elggren).

It has a certain freedom, almost like this has been captured in (live-) action, but seeing no such thing mentioned on the cover, I doubt that. Everything moves along side each other and in ever changing constellations seem to drop by again and again. That last text has a bit of text towards the end, like bookends these texts I was thinking, and is spoken by Laura Daengeli, who also speaks in the second, short 'Petit Idiot', which seems to be all text against some line hum. I am big fan of both artists; Elggren for his more conceptual edges and Meirino for his noisy sound constructions, built from the waste of an audio-dump, both hardware as well as sound.

This work is perhaps less collage like than some of his solo work, but it grows in intensity every time you play this. I thought this was a great and those spoken word bits work very much in favour of the release, as it becomes another of those Elggren filled release of riddles. Powerful and haunting. (FdW)