Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


Label : Noisendo (Portugal)

Format : cdr, NOISENDO002, ltd 100, handpainted cover

Released : May 2013


Meirino has been crossing fabricated, gathered, altered, provoked or wrong sounds for nearly two decades. The second Noisendo release follows the first one (Gorgomilos) closely - chronologically speaking - and dives deeper into a DIY electronica where machines dictate as much law as Man. Mutual respect? The obvious punk drive of Noisendo001 is more subtle in 002 but it is present in the nervous breathing of the acoustic and synthetic sounds that excite our senses while listening to this record. The title - “Shell-Shocked” - may suggest a sonic assault, but what happens, even if it’s not an example of good behaviour, sounds friendly for the uninitiated as long as they’re in love with the art of sounds and not only with “music”. It’s an old debate. Improvisation seems to have an important role, the unrepeatable “occurrence” or “event”, forever lost if not recorded. Sometimes you can hear some sort of orchestra rehearsal in which strings, in particular, are trying to find the right tuning, but what is left is provoked out of tune sound, a sonic freedom, ok, but also a tonic for the brain somehow fed up with organisation and “neat” things. The electro-acoustic challenge of the week for children and adults.


In Metamkine

Superbe nouvelle pièce de Francisco Meirino où pointent de nouvelles directions, ou de nouveaux outils, dans son travail. Le parasitage est toujours là mais se dépasse au profit du musical qui reste évidemment toujours bien bruitiste. Les grouillements stéréophoniques et les ouvertures d'espaces viennent rythmer l'écoute d'une autopsie sonore. Recommandé ! Pochette artisanale et unique. CDR noir façon vinyl.